Dear and Blackbirds (2014)

Premiered October 29, 2014 at NYU Skirball Center New York, NY

Choreography: Troy Schumacher    Music: Ellis Ludwig-Leone    Costumes: Jeff Doherty    
Lighting Design: Brandon S. Baker
Source Poem: Cynthia Zarin   Running Time: 9 minutes 

Original cast:  Troy Schumacher (replacing Harrison Coll) and Ashley Laracey

After last year’s successful collaboration, The Impulse Wants Company, Zarin, Ludwig-Leone and Schumacher turn their focus to the inner workings of a complex relationship. Originating with a poem by Zarin inspired by her experience working with Schumacher and Ludwig-Leone and observing Harrison Coll and Ashley Laracey dancing, Dear and Blackbirds looks at two people as they struggle to find a common path for their relationship.











 Photographs by Matthew Murphy