New Work #2 (2016)



Will Premiere October 27, 2016 at NYU Skirball Center New York, NY

Choreography: Troy Schumacher Music: Judd GreensteinCostumes: Troy Schumacher
Lighting Design: Brandon Stirling Baker 
Source Art: Carlos Arnaiz Running Time: 5:30 minutes

Original cast:  Anthony Huxley, Ashley Laracey

The first collaboration between Greenstein and Schumacher following Clearing Dawn, their 2014 hit at New York City Ballet, will be with Carlos Arnaiz, the architect founder of CAZA. For this collaboration, Schumacher and Greenstein with work with Arnaiz to explore a recognizable moment in time — a signature play by basketball legend Allen Iverson — as viewed through an architect’s eyes. “The history of drawing in architecture has been about the representation of static forms. In an era beset by flux and ephemera, I am fascinated by the possibility that architecture drawing might be an active agent in the formation of something as fluid and personal as music and dance.” said Carlos Aznaiz.






Photo by Devin Alberda