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Premiered November 4, 2015 at NYU Skirball Center New York, NY

Choreography: Troy Schumacher Music: Ellis Ludwig-Leone Costumes: Troy Schumacher
Lighting Design: Brandon S. Baker
Source Photography: Paul Maffi Running Time: 25 minutes

Original cast: Harrison Coll, Lauren King, Claire Kretzschmar, Ashley Laracey, Meagan Mann, David Prottas and Taylor Stanley

2015 was a busy year for Troy and Ellis, with several projects, including the release of San Fermin’s second album Jackrabbit and a critically acclaimed commission for a new work at New York City Ballet. Committed to continuing their collaboration while finding new directions, they engaged fashion art photographer Paul Maffi to create a series of character driven images. The extended series of images Paul provided took Troy and Ellis on a journey to extract a personal meaning for themselves and for the work ahead of them. The result is a series of seven songs and three interludes exploring a deep sense of introspection and connectedness. All seven of BalletCollective’s amazing dancers come together to perform this unique work.






Photo by Matthew Murphy