New Work #1 (2016)



Will Premiere October 27, 2016 at NYU Skirball Center New York, NY

Choreography: Troy Schumacher Music: Ellis Ludwig-Leone Costumes: Troy Schumacher
Lighting Design: Roderick Murray
Source Art: James Ramsey Running Time: 26 minutes

Original cast: Harrison Coll, Anthony Huxley, Lauren King, Isabella LaFreniere, Ashley Laracey, Lauren Lovette

The sixth ballet created in close collaboration between Schumacher and Ludwig-Leone is inspired by a series of sketches and renderings by Ramsey, the creator of the Lowline, a new underground park and cultural center to be built underneath the Lower East Side of Manhattan, scheduled to open in 2020. The Lowline will be realized in the former Williamsburg Bridge Trolley Terminal, encompassing one acre just below Delancey Street. Ramsey’s design is built on innovative solar technology that will illuminate the historic trolley terminal by use of a “remote skylight” which delivers sunlight below ground using a system of optics.

For the new work’s source art, Schumacher and Ludwig-Leone will interpret a series of sketches and renderings of spaces by Ramsey, including the Lowline in different levels of conceptual development, providing inspiration and context for the basis of the work.

“When Troy and Ellis first presented this concept, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, said James Ramsey. “ We went through a series of design drawings I was working on to extrapolate from. Seeing the very first rehearsal of the work completely blew me away. Watching a design concept expressed as a physical performance so effectively was something I really hadn’t thought possible.”






Photo by Matthew Murphy