Premiered October 29, 2014 at NYU Skirball Center New York, NY

Choreography: Troy Schumacher    Music: Ellis Ludwig-Leone    Costumes: Painted by David Salle and Constructed by Reid and Harriet    
Lighting Design: Brandon S. Baker
Source Painting: David Salle   Running Time: 19 minutes 

Original cast:  Lauren King, Claire Kretzschmar, Meagan Mann, David Prottas and Taylor Stanley

BalletCollective’s first work using visual art as a source, All That We See stemmed from a series of meetings between Schumacher, Ludwig-Leone and Salle. After some discussion, it was decided that it would be inter- esting for Salle to create a painting and then deliver to the choreogra- pher and composer a series of severely cropped images from the painting, with the two never to see the whole work until the ballet was completed. With these several images from the painting as a guide, Schumacher and Ludwig-Leone decided to base the work on a grouping of eight images. Exploring an array of activity in each image, the two focused not on tone and literal content but on structure, line and emotional response. 





Photos by Matthew Murphy