The Impulse Wants Company (2013)

Premiered August 14, 2013 The Joyce Theater New York, NY

Choreography: Troy Schumacher    Music: Ellis Ludwig-Leone    Costumes: Aritzia    
Lighting Design: Brandon S. Baker
Poem: Cynthia Zarin   Running Time: 22 minutes 

Original cast:  Harrison Coll, Kaitlyn Gilliland, Lauren King, Ashley Laracey, Meagan Mann, David Prottas, and Taylor Stanley 

The Impulse Wants Company began as a series of conversations between Cynthia Zarin, Troy Schumacher and Ellis Ludwig-Leone that developed over several months into a narrative poem. It may be helpful to think of the words on the page as dance notation or musical notes, indicating possibilities rather than predicting movements and sounds. The three then discussed how to use the poem as both a common language and a structure for a ballet. Ellis began to compose, and Troy to choreograph, sketches that set the overall tone and style. Then Ellis, with input from his collaborators, finished the score, to which Troy, with similar input, choreographed the ballet. On June 27, 2013, the ballet was workshopped at the Ailey Citigroup Theater, then further developed before it’s premiere. 

Download Cynthia Zarin’s Poem “The Impulse Wants Company”




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